About Me

Well – Lighted



Help people to understand the benefits of using the LED Light Technology for changing the world in better place.




Hi ! My name is Sebastian. I am based in Warsaw. I started my adventure with lighting in 2015 and from this time I am trying to change the world with LED Lights. I have worked on a many projects requiring lighting design, including shops, supermarkets, warehouse, street lighting and architectural facade. I believe that lighting can affect how we life and how we feel.





My passion and enthusiasm for what I do enable me to achieve the high standards of performance and innovation I have set for myself.


I strive constantly to improve my skills and knowledge in order to deliver best lighting projects.


I continually develop valuable new ideas and creative approaches to lighting technology. I accelerate our digital transformation through the use of LED light technology.




It is a open blog. I share knowledge with my readers and I invite everyone to leave a comment.


Trust and respect are the cornerstones of this blog. We give each other constructive feedback and encourage our readers to take responsibility.