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To make our company environmentally friendly and caring for employees, we should consider replacing luminaires for LED. We already know that in a large industrial facilities, where exist a lot of lighting fittings  replacing luminaires for LED is profitable http://www.welllighted.com/replacing-luminaires-for-led-industry/. What about the office and smaller places, where we have both general and decorative luminaires? Is the only reason  is to make them more modern? Is it also profitable in that kind of places? In this article, we will analyze whether replacing luminaires for LED in an office building is profitable.

1. Assumptions:

The assumption of the article is to answer the question whether replacing luminaires for LED is profitable. The price of electricity will be determined according to the average price in the EU = 0.12 EUR / kWh. We will change all the luminaires for fixtures with integrated LED diodes. The number and power of luminaires will be determined on the basis of lighting standards. We will make a simple comparison without the influence of lighting control.

2. Analysis:

[1.1] Office (www.pexels.com)


The subject of the analysis will be an office building where is an open office space, social space, reception and toilets with a total area of 594 m2. Currently, we have 60×60 luminaires and suspended decorative luminaires. Replacement of LED lighting will be realized by LED luminaires with an equivalent luminous flux. We will not change the position of luminaires. Office is lit for 7 hours a day,5 days a week. The price of fittings does not include assembly costs.


Wymiana oświetlenia na LED - rozmieszczenie opraw

[1.2] Arrangement of luminaires

LED luminaires are divided into spaces.

[1.3] Types of lighting fixtures 1/2



[1.4] Types of lighting fixtures 1/2


According to the lighting standards, at the reception should be at least 300 lux with an uniformity greater than 0.6


[1.4] Dialux calculations for Reception


We will make similar calculations for the office area and toilet in accordance with lighting standards. For the office according to the guidelines should be on the desk 500 lx at an uniformity of 0.6 and for the toilet 200 lx at an uniformity of 0.4.

[1.5] Dialux calculations for Office Area


[1.6] Dialux calculations for Male WC

All luminaires have ON/OFF driver and a lifespan of 50,000 hours


[1.7] Consumption of electrical energy (kW)

Graph represent a significant increase in electricity consumption by the old system. After 4 years the consumtpion of traditional light source will be twice bigger than LED .


[1.8] Return of investment (E)

 The return on investment will take place after 5.5 years. The initial investment for a new lighting system is too large.

3. Conclusions

As can be seen from the analysis, the investment from the economic point of view is not profitable. However, to improve the comfort of work, be environmentally friendly, replacing luminaires for LED is required. You should concider every case individually. The most important is the price of luminaires which you are going to use. You can also use smart lighting control for instance. It will increase saving costs and in addition you can create cozy atmosphere in your office. In conclusion, LED luminaires is a future and  only this kind of lighting will exist on market. It is a matter of time.

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